How do I cancel my contract with Power Home Remodeling Group

Power Home Remodeling Group 2501 Seaport Drive Chester, PA 19013

You can send a telegram with contract cancellation to Power Home Remodeling Group through a web-based form using your credit card, Link or PayPal. It will be effective immediately (i.e. on the sending date). It will be delivered on the same day.

You can get a carbon copy for your records. Telegrams are a recorded communication. Unlimited copies can be issued.

There is no need to use the pre-printed cancellation form. Just send a telegram, stating that you would like to cancel your contract.

Include the organization’s reference information, such as your contract number. Delivery is guaranteed. 


*About company:

Power Home Remodeling is an American company headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania that provides services primarily related to exterior remodeling products such as replacement windows, roofing and vinyl siding. The company was founded in 1992.

In 2018, Qualified Remodeler listed Power as the largest residential remodeling company and the third largest home remodeling company in the United States.

With 21 locations across the United States, Power Home Remodeling is available to residential homeowners in 24 territories.