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The cost depends on the length and destination, and starts at around $30 for a short telegram. You can click on “Price and Send Now” and test the pricing interactively—change the text as many times as you like before proceeding to payment.

The delivery speed depends on the destination. Please consult “Resources.. Delivery information by country” for details. Some examples: USA business address: same day; USA residential address: same or next day; Japan: same day, remote islands next day; Italy: same or next day. The cut-off time for same-day delivery is noon at the destination.

Unfinished (not paid-for) telegram submissions are canceled by the system automatically after five days. If you still wish to proceed, please follow the payment link in the e-mail receipt. The original submission date will stand.

Yes. Please add “DELIVER ON [date]” beneath the address.

Email confirmations are not sent, but you can check delivery information through the tracking system.

Yes. Delivery is performed over satellite link within six hours. Please include the cabin number, if available.

Please check the separate payment receipt for the tracking number. Enter the tracking number on our website to see the delivery status.

Please use the contact form below to send your changes.

There is no need to use the pre-printed cancellation form. Just send a telegram, stating that you would like to cancel your contract. Include the organization’s reference information, such as your contract number.

Instead of using a street address, enter the APO/FPO address. Always use the country “USA” even if you know the geographical location of the APO/FPO. Please check the DoD Directive 4525.6 on this website for addressing standards and further details. Please note that internal distribution may be subject to current security regulations.

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. We comply with global security and privacy standards, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, EU Privacy Directive and more. Please see our Privacy Policy page for details.

No. Until the late 1980s, Western Union was handling domestic delivery of telegrams, and the FTCC was responsible for international, financial and government traffic. After closure of retail operations by Western Union, we effectively replaced them in the domestic market. Our mode of operation and regulation by the FCC are identical to Western Union’s.

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