How to cancel your contract with EverBright

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You can send a telegram through a web-based form. It will be effective immediately, i.e. on the sending date.

The telegram will be delivered on the same day. You can get a carbon copy for your records. Telegrams are a recorded communication.

There is no need to use the pre-printed cancellation form. Just send a telegram, stating that you would like to cancel your contract with EverBright. Include the company’s reference information, such as your contract number.
Delivery is guaranteed.

How to Send a Telegram to Cancel a Contract with EverBright:
Step 1: Gather all necessary information: the name and address of the company, contract number and the date it was signed.
Step 2: Send a telegram using our online form. If you need the telegram to be delivered on a specific date use “DELIVER ON [date]” field.
Step 3: Make payment using credit card, Link or Paypal account.

You can see the status of delivery through our tracking system.


*About company:

EverBright is a new residential solar financing provider that dramatically simplifies the process with faster, more flexible and affordable options for homeowners and the strength and stability installers need to build their businesses while minimizing costs.

Starting as the residential solar industry's leading design and quoting software, EverBright now offers multiple financing options that allow customers to invest in a clean energy future with no money down.

Bringing together finance and technology, EverBright provides customers with an all-in-one solution for powering their carbon neutral homes. 

The company was established in 2021.

Corporate Headquarter: Juno Beach, FL