How To Cancel A Contract With Beyond Finance


You can send a telegram using our web form. It will be effective immediately (i.e. on the sending date).

We accept credit cards, Link and PayPal.

The telegram with cancellation form will be delivered on the same day. You can get a carbon copy for your records. Telegrams are a recorded communication.

How to Cancel a Contract with Beyond Finance:

1. Go to “Price and Send now” page
2. Write the text of the telegram. The text should include the recipient’s name and address. You can use our cancellation template or write the text by yourself.
3. Make the payment. The amount will depend on the number of characters in the telegram.

That’s it! Within minutes of ordering, your telegram will be on its way!

Please contact us if you have any questions.
In case you have questions about your existing order, please reply to the email receipt.

*About compony:

Beyond Finance provides financial services to help individuals overcome debt and achieve financial peace of mind.

The company was founded in 2016.

It is a next-generation fintech company with a mission to help people escape crippling debt and achieve financial freedom. Every day, the Beyond team empowers clients by providing personalized attention, financial education and tools, and customized solutions to fit each individual's circumstances.